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Anna’s boyfriend just wants to fuck her, but Anna kept putting it off—she had to do the dishes, she had to call her mother…finally, he couldn’t take any more excuses and he ripped her shirt wide open, exposing her pert breasts and nipples. He knows she loves it when he licks and sucks on them, so he gets right to it, and before long, Anna is wet and ready to go. He fingers her through her pants, then rips them open at the crotch so he can lick her pussy. He rips the backside, too, then fucks her ass while she gasps and moans.

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Pamela Moore

Pamela thought it would be safe to pose for a photographer she had never worked with before. But once her hair and makeup were done and they were left alone, this horny picture taking stud showed he had a lot more on his mind then photos. He pushed the pretty blonde Pamela to the sofa and ripped of her clothes before she even knew his intentions and had her mouth stuffed full of his throbbing cock. The more she tried to push him away the more turned on he got. And he licked her from hole to hole before settling her on her knees and pushing into her tight ass from behind pumping hard and deep.

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Morena Toledo

This vet may make house calls but he demands a lot more then just a smile and a handful of cash as payment. Morena has him check out her dog and after he takes care of the pooch, he wants her to take care of him. And this petite Latina babe is no match for this big horny stud. With little effort he has her on the bed ripping off her clothes sticking his tongue and fingers in her hot sweet pussy. Knowing she is fighting a losing battle, Morena gives in and sucks his big cock letting him fill her tight ass with his man meat and fucking her holes until she is moaning and screaming for mercy.

Poor maid gets raped by boss when tried to steal some money from him…

Blonde raped by boss

Barbie hated being a maid but it paid the bills. And there were those few occasions when she helped herself to a little something extra if she thought she could get away with it. With this guy asleep in his bed, she thought it would be safe to help herself to a nice tip. But this guy proved to be a light sleeper and when he wakes up and catches her, he has his own ideas about how she can earn the money she lifted from him. He tosses her to the bed, rips off her maid dress to get to her petite body underneath and makes her earn every dime by taking his big cock in her tight and tasty fuckholes.

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Posing in a few sexy outfits seemed easy enough to Pamela and nice way to make a few extra bucks. But this photographer went into a horny frenzy watching her change her clothes and seeing her big tits and sexy ass hugged by thin, skimpy shirts and pants. Before she could push him away, he had ripped off her t-shirt and skin tight pants. He squeezed her boobs biting her big nipples until she was gasping and ramming his veiny cock in her mouth. He used his mouth and hands to explore her fuckholes before fucking her tight ass and pussy until he was drained of his load and had his fill of her.

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This horny handyman couldn’t resist the lovely Angela in her tit revealing t-shirt and tight pink pants. And he wasn’t taking no for an answer. Her ripped her shirt off her body before throwing her down on a mattress and tearing at her thin pants until nothing stood in his way between his lusty cock and her hot body. He leaned against the wall while she sucked his aching cock deep in her moist mouth while on her knees. But he wasn’t near being satisfied with just her mouth and before he was finished with the sweet Angela, he fucked every one of her hot holes and fed her his thick cum load.

Fool maid gets violent sex from his angry boss


While cleaning her sleeping employers apartment, Barbie finds his wallet just too much of a temptation to resist. She slips out a few hundred bucks but gets caught in the act when she knocks over an end table and it wakes him up. Before she can get away from him, he throws her onto the bed and begins to rip her clothes from her petite body. There is no getting away and the more she fights the angrier he becomes until he is shoving his bugling cock in her ass and giving her a hard and deep anal fucking. And he makes her earn every penny of what she took from him by satisfying his hungry cock.

Busty blonde raped by photografer and anal fucked

Pamela Moore

Posing in skimpy clothes for this photographer proved to be more work then this blonde chick had imagined. Each time she changed her clothes he would secretly watch her until he was so horny he was ready to blow. When she came out in a thin shirt and tight pants, he had all the teasing he could stand and he lost his control. Ripping her shirt off her big boobs and pushing her to the sofa he stuffed his cock down her throat before ripping her pants to shreds and plunging his huge cock deep inside her tight ass and pumping her pussy balls deep until he was squirting cum in her pretty face.

Latin girl gets raped by horny employee

Angela Saenz

While the handyman was busy working in her apartment, Angela decided to enjoy herself in the pool and splashing around in the water. But this horny stud wasn’t hard at work, he was just hard watching her play. He called this lovely redhead back inside on the pretense of needing more instructions but once she was close, he was all over her ripping off her t-shirt to reveal her big tits and tearing at her pants so he could get to her hot pussy and tight asshole. This babe didn’t have a choice but to open her sweet fuckholes for his throbbing dick and suck out his hot and sticky load of jizz.

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Liliz wants nothing to do with this guy, but he can’t help himself: she’s so hot and so sexy that he just wants to rip off all her clothes and fuck her for all she’s worth. He quickly does away with her shirt and pants, leaving her wearing only a tiny pair of red panties. Those don’t last long, either, and before she knows it, he’s got her pinned to the bed and is licking her pussy. Then he uses his belt to keep her in place while he fucks her hard. Next time, Liliz will know better than to wear such seductive outfits! Or may she secretly likes being roughed up….

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