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Lenora is a sweet and sexy petite blonde that has to fight the guys off by the dozens. But this guy isn't going to be put off so easily. He sneaks under her bed waiting for the right time when he can slip out and take her by surprise. The longer he waits the hornier he gets and when she finally lies down and falls asleep, he slides out and begins to peek under her miniskirt drooling over her tight body. Lenora wakes up but by then it's too late to fight him off. He rips at her dress and panties before stuffing his cock in her mouth. He finally ties her up with one of her own stockings and drives his big dick inside her fuckholes before spewing his splooge all over her face and mouth

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Roxanne is sitting on her bed looking in a mirror when she notices a guy behind her curtains with his cock in his hands. She jumps off the bed trying to fight him off but he gets the best of her in more ways than one. He holds her head down with his foot while he rips up her pants and pushes aside her panties. He buries his big dick in her tight holes until she gives up and sucks the jizz load out of his cock.

Gia makes a trip to the rough side of town so she can hit up a supplier for…

Sooner or later you are going to have to pay for what you get and Gia is going to find this out the hard way. She makes a trip to the rough side of town so she can hit up a supplier for a little something to lift to her spirits. When he finds out she came asking for merchandise without having any cash on hand, he isn’t too happy to see her. This black haired beauty already owes him money and he is tired of waiting to get paid. But this horny hunk thinks he knows a way the curvy Gia can make good on her payment and make him happy at the same time. He rips off her clothes gaining access to her pussy and ass and he doesn’t stop until he has stuffed all her holes and fed her his cum load.

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This horny stud was more into studying what Rebeka had underneath her clothes then he was the Chemistry homework. She had offered to help him out by tutoring him for the test they were having the next day but once they were on the bed he couldn't get her sexy body out of his mind. She pushed him away when he got too close but this jock was too much for her to handle. He held her hands over her head lifting her shirt so he could suck on her nipples but he had no intentions of stopping there. He ripped up her pantyhose aftering tearing her pants down to her knees so he could get to what he was after. This hot blonde gets her pussy and her ass pounded and sticky cum facial for the finale.

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Blonde gets raped

Anna is such a hottie that it’s hard to blame this guy for losing his self control. He sees her walking down the street and takes the chance to carry her off to an old basement and have his way with her. She fights him and tries to get away but he just wraps her long blonde hair around his fist so she can’t escape. The more she struggles, the hotter he gets until he is ripping her clothes off of her dark skinned body and getting at her tasty fuckholes. He shoves his cock in her mouth until she loses most of the fight in her, then he tears her pants to shreds so he can stuff her full of his meat pole. He rams her pussy going balls deep inside and then pounds her tight ass hard and deep then squirts off his jizz load right into her mouth.

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Damn but Cosette is one sizzling chick with a plump, tight ass and big boobs and when she calls the plumber to come and fix her kitchen sink, this horny guy can’t believe how sexy she is in her tiny shorts and tight tank top. He decides to forget the drain and work on her plumbing. He rips off her shirt and shorts while bending her over the table and lays his pipe in her tight holes until she is moaning in pleasure.

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This Latin hottie has a way of always getting what she wants from her easy going boyfriend but she always likes pushing him as far as she can to test his limits. But Clair takes things too far this time when they fight and pushes him right over the edge. He loses his self control when she tries to push him away and he pulls her down to the sofa and begins ripping at her clothes. He tears at her top until her gorgeous boobs are hanging out and then he moves onto her pants ripping the crotch seam out all the way down her legs exposing her sweet and juicy pussy. He pumps his cock in her cunt before flipping her onto her knees and going balls deep in her tight ass while she begs for more.

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This sexy college babe is spending spring break at a hotel resting up from semester test. She is lying in bed sleeping when a horny hunk takes the opportunity to sneak into her room by climbing through her window. She wakes up unexpected to the feel of his big hand covering her mouth and him ripping away at her top to expose her bare tits. She pushes at him and tries to scream but he is too strong for her and he uses part of her ripped off shirt as a gag on her mouth. Once her screams can’t be heard, he rips her pants away and shoves his thumb deep inside her warm pussy before burying his throbbing dick deep in her tight ass. He pounds her long and hard then squirts his jizz on her mouth.

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Long haired Johanna likes dressing sexy to get her boyfriends attention but she gets a bit more then she bargained for today. Trying to be helpful, she brings him some coffee while he is busy working and when she splashes some onto his paperwork, this stud goes off. He drags her to the living ripping off her clothes until he gets access to her tight ass and then he rams his cock deep inside for a deep anal fucking. He raped her asshole very deep…

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Andrea is one sexy blonde chick who can get away with anything but this time she went a bit far. After work, she went out with the girls to a bar and got a bit tipsy without calling to let her boyfriend know where she was going to be. When she gets home, she tries to sneak in the door but he is waiting on her. He smiles at her when he sees she has been drinking and he asks her where she’s been. Andrea thinks she is going to slide by with her sweet smile and cute looks but when she tells him the truth she gets a big surprise. He gets mad as hell and drags her off to the bedroom by her hair. Her rips off her clothes and spends the rest of the fucking all her holes and cumming on her ass.

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